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Wheel bearing replacement is a bit tougher task, it requires you a lot of time and effort to accomplish this kind of job. If you are looking for a wheel bearing service, look no further! “Mobile Mechanic Hialeah” is here for you! We’ve been in this industry for over 20-30 years, that’s why we are knowledgeable and skilled enough to assure every customer the highest-quality work that can only experience from us. Each one in the firm is professional and with over years of experience in this field. In addition, everyone undergoes a seminar and training to ensure that they will accomplish their job excellently.

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of every customer to us, by giving them the world-class quality they can experience if they hire us. Avail our service and we’ll give you expert technicians that your wheel bearings wanted. Thus, you can have access to our innovative equipment and materials that ensure the safety of your vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? If your wheel bearings have damage, don’t forget “Mobile Mechanic Hialeah” to replace it with a new one! Just give us a call and we’re always ready to help you up and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as  brake repair and car battery replacement


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What is the function of a wheel bearing?

When you step on the gas and the car moves, your wheels will freely spin and moves around constantly with a little friction, it is because of the wheel bearings that allow a wheel to do a circular motion. Physically, wheel bearings are like a group of steel balls that lays together on a metal ring that is called a race. You can find wheel bearing on every wheel of a vehicle even bike and aircraft. Commonly, a wheel bearing is located on a metal axle shaft on the hub, or in every back of a wheel. If you are a new car owner, you might feel that it wasn’t important for a vehicle, but it’s really indeed. If it has damage, you must bring your car to the nearest mobile mechanic shop as soon as you identify that it has an issue. So, if you are located around Hialeah, Fl, and you need a wheel bearing replacement, our company can give you the best service in the area and beyond. Just ring us and we’ll settle everything on our call starting from issue up to the schedule.

How you will know if your wheel bearings are damaged?

If your wheel bearings are damaged it creates unwanted noise. However, it’s hard to inspect a damaged wheel bearing, because you need to drive the vehicle in order to create the sound. Our professional technicians can determine the issue of your wheel bearing in no time. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like auto electric repair and car AC repair.

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Here are some of the symptoms that your wheel bearings need to be replaced:

Brake or ABS failure, either internal or external damage to the bearings or to your hub bearing assembly

This is the worst thing that might every happen if you have a damaged wheel bearing. It might damage your internal and external sensors because of too much movement. This means that loss of bearing clamp. Due to this issue, it might cause you to more costly mechanical damage. In order to increase the safety of your car and even you, you should hire our expert technician to do the job for you! Just call us for more information.

Grinding sounds when the vehicle is in motion

This is the common sign that you have a damaged wheel bearing. If your vehicle creating a grinding sound, it means that there is an issue on the wheel-end system. In addition, it can also mean that loss of integrity like the raceway damage. This noise usually comes every time you try to turn on your car. 

Unwanted noise

Usually, a damaged wheel bearing creates a humming, rumbling, or growling sounds that is really annoying. These noises are connected to your tire or drivetrain components. It is better to bring your vehicle to our shop for the deep inspection, and we’ll assure you that you can get back on the road in a matter of hours!

All these signs can be found regardless of the type of vehicle. The only difference between them is the total payment it will cost you. Usually, the bigger the vehicle, the more costly the repair is. We, Mobile Mechanic Hialeah accepting no matter what is the type of your vehicle. We promise that we’ll take care of your vehicle as we own it! So, if you feel that your wheel bearings have a problem, don’t hesitate to call us! You can ask as many questions as you like that will help you to know more about our service offered!

Is it okay to drive a vehicle with a wheel bearing problem?

Definitely, is not safe to run a vehicle with a wheel bearing issue. The brake system of your car is the most affected component if you use it with an issue. A wheel bearing will create a noise before you experience the failure of it. The louder the grinding or unwanted sounds that come on your wheel bearings, the severe damage it is. When you already heard this sounds, it is not yet completely destroyed or damaged. But it is hard to say that when it will be completely damaged, so it is better to bring your car to the mechanic shop before things get worse. For the sake of your safety, you must not drive a car with a damaged wheel bearing, because you might lose control of the vehicle or in the brake. Once you identify that there’s a problem with your car’s wheel bearings, replacing them is important.  Lucky to tell you that, we are offering such kind of service. We promise you for an excellent outcome that you’ll surely enjoy and be satisfied with. Thus, our company offers a highest-quality service at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? If you found yourself in trouble, get in touch with Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, Wheel Bearing Replacement Service!

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