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Water Pump Replacement By Mobile Mechanic Hialeah FL

Do you observe signs that your car water pump is broken and need to be replaced? In case yes, we are happy to tell you that Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL can do water pump replacement and bring you back into the road instantly! Just call our hotline, set an appointment with us, and allow our ASE certified car technicians to solve this problem for you! Call us now!

Indications That Your Vehicle Needs A Water Pump Replacement

In case you ever observe the below signs, then your car certainly needs a water pump replacement service:

  • Overheating Or Coolant Outflow

A bearing supports the water pump impeller shaft and at some point, the bearing or seal may wear and flow or damage the impeller. A lot of car water pumps are having weep holes near to the water pump bearing. If you see substantial leakage with that weep hole, then it’s time for your car to undergo water pump replacement.  Do not hesitate to call us and also, you are free to consult about our other services such as wheel bearing replacement and power steering repair.


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  • Bearing Noises

When the water pump shaft isn’t turning smoothly or you noticed that the pump is making noises, the bearing is extremely worn. In this case, water pump replacement will be needed.

  • Changing The Car’s Timing Belt

Since the water pump is run by a timing belt, it is just right to the water pump replacement and timing belt replacement at the same time. It is advised that you change these two components at the same time because of the extensive work a mechanic has to do when doing water pump replacement.

Step By Step Procedure On How Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL Performs Water Pump Replacement

  • Most often than not, the water pump is attached along with the car engine. The replacement process differs on what drives the water pump namely: serpentine belt, timing belt, and chain.
  • The car’s engine coolant will be drained at the level lower than the water pump if the engine is cold.
  • Components that need to be removed to get the water pump will be eliminated, for example, belt, or chain that drives the pump.
  • Bolts that make the water pump fastened with the engine will be removed and finally, the pump will be eliminated.
  • The gasket surface has to be cleaned along with the inspection of the pump mounting surface.
  • The moment water pump is set up; a new coolant has to be inserted back the same time the car’s cooling system is bleeding. Your car’s engine will be run and taken to its operating temperature to test for if there are any leakage.

Can I Drive Even If My Car Is In Need Of Water Pump Replacement?

No. If the water pump just leaks a tiny bit, it is possible to drive the vehicle. But a little leak could abruptly expand or even the pump bearing might suddenly catch. Either circumstance would probably result in engine overheating. In case rusts were induced by faulty water pump, it isn’t safe to drive. The main reason behind is the damaged or broken engine.

If You’ve Decided To Undergo Water Pump Replacement You Must Remember The Following:

  • It’s recommended that you install a new cooling system thermostat the moment a new water pump is set up, most particularly if the thermostat is older.
  • Totally flushing the car’s cooling system is a fantastic idea the moment your vehicle undergo water pump replacement. The flushing can be completed before or after the pump replacement.
  • The remaining part of the cooling system ought to be scrutinized too — especially rubber pads, which have a restricted life.

Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like fuel pump repair and alternator replacement.

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Water Pump Replacement Service Costs

The price for water pump replacement is reliant upon the make, year and model of your car or truck. These three variables govern how at ease it’s to get the water pump and if it’s a belt or chain driven. Occasionally tiny engines have water pumps found in hard to get areas on your engine. Thus, replacing a vehicle pump of a tiny, cheap car can be more expensive than just replacing a water pump. Moreover, a failed water pump is also normally caused by faulty engine cooling parts which include, engine thermostat, head gasket, or radiator.

Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL: Your Trusted Water Pump Replacement Service Provider

Mobile Mechanic is preferred by the residents of Hialeah, FL because of plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

We Are Open 24/7

Since we are a mobile mechanic, we are open 24/7 to provide you not just the water pump replacement but also car maintenance and repair. If ever your car is having trouble all you need to do is to call us whatever the time of the day it is and we will come to your location as soon as we can.

ASE Certified Mechanics

After calling us, our ASE certified mechanics will be the one to head to your location. We can guarantee you that your car is in good hands with our auto technicians as they are trained and certified. On top of that, they have years of experience in water pump replacement and other car care services. With this, we can assure you that the process will be done correctly and efficiently.

Reasonably Priced Water Pump Replacement

We pride ourselves in offering reasonably priced water pump replacement along with other car maintenance services. But then, despite our prices are budget-friendly we can still guarantee you that what will your car receive is high-quality services. In fact, one of the reasons why we are able to thrive in the car care industry is due to our economical prices and of course the quality of our services.

Call Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL TODAY!

In times you need water pump replacement service provider, allow us to be the one to handle the task for you! Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL is always ready to help you and assist you with all the best that we can.  Also, if you ever need other car services such as roadside assistance, wheel bearing replacement, starter replacement, alternator repair, diesel mechanic and a lot more, you can count on us. Just ring our hotline and our mechanics will come to you instantly to resolve the car problem you are facing. What are you waiting for? Call Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, FL TODAY!

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