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The Starting System and Your Car

For the uninitiated, a car’s starting system may seem like a foreign concept. What is it for and is it really important for my car—these are just some of the common questions we’ve heard from our clients.

So, allow us to explain to you the basics of your car’s starter system.

The basics: What is a car starter?

It means exactly what it sounds like, actually. It is the part of your engine that is responsible for turning on the power of your car once you turn the ignition.

However, as simple as this may sound, there are a lot more to this than meets the eye. Particularly, there are a lot more things that are happening under the hood that you cannot see. For one, you have to know that when you turn on your engine by keying in on the ignition, this triggers an electric spark in your motor.

From here, a heavy electric current will be delivered from your battery to your starter. This is all thanks to the thick wires attached in between them. And that is how your car starts.

When do you need to have your car’s starter replaced?

Another common question that we get is this. Basically, what are the telltale signs that signal the need for a new starter system? There are actually various ways that a car owner can tell. You might notice that your car will exhibit some or all of the following symptoms:

  •       It takes a while for your car to start up.

You might notice that there is a few seconds delay for your car to start up once you turn the ignition. This is likely caused by too little current sent from your battery, as opposed to what your starter needs. In fact, if your starter is already worn out, it may demand for more battery power. Once its needs are not properly supplied, it takes a moment for it to actually turn on.

  •       You cannot rely on your car to start up on the first try.

Your car may start up well on some days, but on others it has to take you a few tries for it to power up. This is a pretty straightforward indication that your car’s starter is dying out. Intermittent problems like this are warning signals of your car that it needs to be serviced. So don’t wait too long to have it sent to your mechanic’s shop for a touch-up. Try checking also our other services like power steering repair and wheel bearing replacement.

Starter Replacement (3)

You hear rattling noises when you turn your key in the ignition.

This is pretty hard to ignore. When you turn your keys, there should be a sound, yes, but nothing that is close to what you may describe as grinding noise. Once you notice this, investigate the root problem and have it remedied right away.

  •       Your car won’t start at all.

No matter how many times you turn your key in the ignition, your car will not start. This might mean that you have simply ignored all the other telltale signs mentioned above and now you are in need of a complete service.

Car start not working properly? Don’t worry about it.

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Who is Mechanic Hialeah?

We are a simple crew of mechanics with the simple goal of making sure that the people of Hialeah drive safely and comfortable in their cars. We have been working in the area for close to three decades now, starting out as a smalltime shop in the center of the city. Now, we have recognized the need for a more mobile team that are always on-call. This was how we have come to evolve to become Mobile Mechanic Hialeah. With our new and improved services, we come to you instead of the opposite. After all, we know just how difficult it can be to bring your damaged car and haul it around to bring it to the car shop.

So let us know what you need. From car starter replacements to brake tune-ups, we are always at the ready to serve you. What can you expect from us?

  •       On-time services.

We understand that part of being an on-call crew is the ability to respond to distress calls right away. This is why we make sure that we always have a team on stand-by for any emergency that might need our help.

  •       We have fair rates and packages.

Whether you want a particular part of your car repaired, or would like to enjoy the benefits of a slew of services, we can help you with that. Our rates have been vetted properly, making sure that you will not have to shell out too much. Our labor costs are minimal. However, we cannot guarantee that the parts that you get for your car will be. After all, when it comes to buying car parts, it is always better to invest in good quality ones that will stay with you on your long drives.

  •       We are trained and certified.

You will be leaving your car in the hands of certified professionals. So trust us that we will get your car fixed and we will do so to the best of our abilities. Our crew have been properly trained for this job.

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