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Hi there! Glad you could make it to our page. By the looks of it, you are in need of expert help. Well then you have come to the right place. We are Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, and we are here to cater to your automobile needs. 

We know just how important it is to maintain a healthy power steering system. After all, it is a thing of wonder. Allow us to explain. 

Power Steering – it basically gives you the ability to wheel around more than three thousand tons (for smaller cars) of metal around so you can go to places. Pretty impressive, right? But of course, there is more to this than just your ability to turn your car anywhere you would like it to go. Beneath the surface is a very complicated mechanism that—just like the rest of your car—is also prone to wear and tear. 

So before the issue gets any worse, we are glad that you found your way into our page. After all, we all know that power steering failure often cause accidents. Give us a call today and feel free to consult about our other services such as starter replacement  and water pump replacement.



About Our Services

Why is your power steering in need of repair?

At one point, this may have crossed your mind. What is wrong with your power steering? You might even pride yourself with being a meticulous driver, always making sure that your engine rests before turning it completely off or you regularly head over to the hood of your car to check your coolant, break oil, and the like. So what might have caused the damage to your car? We can think of a few reasons: 

  •       It could be your power steering fluid. You might have overlooked your power steering fluid when you check your car. This should be constantly checked and replaced if you notice that the coloring has turned a darker hue. At best, it should be a reddish color. If it has gone gray and you notice bubbles, then it’s time for you to have it changed. 
  •       Your steering belt could be worn down or broken. A belt connects the crankshaft to keep your power steering pump working. Unfortunately, with regular use, these can be worn down and some might even break. The good thing is that you will notice a faulty steering belt right away. You may hear creaking sounds and the use of your car might be a workout enough in itself. 
  •       Your pump could be worn out. Alternatively, it could be your pump that has been worn down by age. Make sure that you watch out for this and have it repaired ASAP. 

Do you think your car could be in need of a quick trip to the mechanics? Then look no further because Mobile Mechanic Hialeah is here to answer to your call for help. Aptly named, we operate in beautiful Hialeah, FL. If you are a resident of the area or are simply visiting, we would more than happy to work with you in making sure that your car is working as perfectly as it should be.  Consider checking also about our other services such as diesel mechanic and oil change.

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Our Services Here at Mobile Mechanic Hialeah

We know that power steering repair is not a one-size fits all deal. There are many causes for a worn down or broken power steering system, and so we have adjusted our menu of services accordingly. To get a brief rundown of the things we offer, simply skim through our services below. 

  •       Power Steering Fluid Change

Yes, you might know how to check for the health of your power steering fluid. In fact, we bet that you do. However, you might want to leave the fluid replacement to the experts. Why? For one, we will refill your fluid reservoir at a safe level. If you do this yourself, you risk overfilling or underfilling it. You might also trigger a leakage. And so your best bet? Bring it in for a quick oil change. 

  •       Steering Belt Adjustments

In the case of a loose belt, we can easily fix this for you. It won’t take too long, and we’ll even walk you through the process. Doing this can take a lot of guts and so we recommend that you have a mechanic do the work for you. 

  •       Steering Pump Bearing Replacement

If it is the pump that is causing your power steering issues, then we may have to get our hands dirty and fix it at the heart of the situation. We offer this service in case of worn out bearings and the like. 

  •       Unclogging the Power Steering Mechanism

For some reason or another, you might have induced a clog in your power steering system. This could be due to rainfall or foreign debris. We can flush the system for you so you can drive away with more ease. 

  •       Other Services

Again, we know the repairing the power steering system is not a one-size fits all deal. There might be other reasons why your car is behaving the way it is. Either way, we will help you get right to the bottom of things so you can be more at ease on the road. 

Think that you are in need of any of the services mentioned above? We’d be glad to help you pinpoint the issue and then fix it for you. Our rates are reasonable and our mechanics are top-notch. 

Our Operations

If your needs are a match to our services, then we would be happy to hear from you soon. Operating in Hialeah, FL for some time now, we bring expertise and experience to the table. With us, you will be sure that your car will be kept in good hands. We make sure that our customers drive away happy and at ease that their car is functioning to the best of its ability. 

So don’t wait until your power steering system completely gives up on you. Bring it in for a repair or a quick check-up today! We would prefer that you call in first so we can assign a mechanic for you, but you are free to drop by anytime you want too!

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