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Travelling is made easy, comfortable and convenient with the design and features of each vehicle. Manufacturers always have the customers in mind when they come up with the design and specs of a new vehicle, to suit various needs. Some situations require fully functional and useable air conditioning systems in your vehicle, such as in times of inclement weather, when passengers usually seek shelter in their respective vehicles when there is nowhere else to go, or during long distance travels where rest and comfort is essential for a safe trip. These kinds of situations highlight the importance of a proper air conditioning system in the vehicle.

A car’s air conditioning system is one of those parts vehicle owners usually look over. There are other parts that are more prone to breaking down, such as the engine, which therefore requires most of the car owner’s attention. Appointments aren’t booked until the air conditioning unit actually breaks down and stops working all together. Maintenance for your air conditioning unit is always recommended. Though as mentioned, this may be overlooked, a great, top quality service provider should be available for repairs whenever needed. Do not settle for a company the simply gets the job done. Look for a company that will give you the top quality service you deserve and pay for. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as fuel pump repair and alternator replacement.


About Our Services

Car AC Repair Hialeah FL is a car servicing company specializing in automotive air conditioning service repair. We, Mobile Mechanic Hialeah  are a family owned and managed business, in the industry for over 15 years. Therefore, we can guarantee honest work aiming to provide service to clients in need. Throughout the years, our company has worked with the changing needs of clients by using updated and top quality tools and materials to be able to cater to whatever vehicle- old, new, big or small, properly to get you up and running in no time.

Our team is composed of knowledgeable and professional staff who have been with us for years. Throughout our many years of service, we have gained a lot of experience in working with different kinds of vehicles, air conditioning systems and situations, as well as dealing with different people. Our team specializes in air conditioning system repairs, modifications and replacement for light, medium or heavy vehicles. Whatever make and model, we can definitely get the job done.

Our on site team is not the only team we are proud of. Our in office staff is trained, efficient and very knowledgeable. They are responsible for getting the whole process started and knowing that they have a huge responsibility on their hands, they make sure that they approach each job methodically. Going through years of training before being seated in the front line, our customer service staff will answer your questions, communicate effectively and will get the needed information to be able to get the job done as soon as possible. The flow of service will be as follows: important questions will be asked such as your location and what happened. After this, a quote will be given as well as the time of arrival. Our company prides itself with its fast response time for emergency repair services. For non-emergency services, we also offer same day repair or replacement services. Technicians will arrive on site and will assess the situation. Consider checking also our affordable and high quality services like power steering repair and wheel bearing replacement.

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Then the service will begin. The client will not have to do anything. Our team will take care of the vehicle and the repairs and all you will have to do is to sit back and wait- completely stress and hassle free service guaranteed. Before the technicians leave, we let you test the air conditioning system out to make sure you are completely satisfied. We make sure your air conditioning unit works at its’ top capacity to ensure that you get nothing but the best. After all, our company’s success rests heavily on our clients’ satisfaction.

Our services include air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance, unit and parts replacement and unit modification. Unit modification includes converting units to more environmentally friendly systems, reducing your carbon footprint and creating a healthier environment which not only benefits you but benefits the surroundings as well. We also offer sanitation and cleaning services for your air conditioning unit. Whatever service you need or request, we make to come up with a service plan that will fit your budget seamlessly. You will not need to go beyond an allotted budget or shell out extra money to pay for top quality services. Our team works for whatever you need, and we are always ready to compromise to help you get a solution to your problem.

Living in Florida, dealing with the heat and humidity is always a part of daily life. Travelling in a car with a faulty air conditioning system can definitely cause effects on a person’s health. Being exposed to the heat for long periods of time can cause headaches, dehydration and maybe even fevers. This is avoided by making sure your car and home air conditioning units are kept well managed. We recommend that you have your units serviced and maintained annually. With this being mentioned, our company offers scheduled maintenance services as well. You can get all your air conditioning needs met through one company.

So, when in need of an air conditioning consultation, be it repair, replacement or modification, call on us and we will get the job done quickly and properly. We always do our best to meet your needs and we can assure you that we serve with integrity and honesty. Call on us today and we will take care of whatever you need with our knowledgeable and experienced staff, coupled with state of the art equipment, we will not only get the job done for you but we see to it that we exceed your expectations. With this mindset, we do not just gain clients who will keep in contact whenever we are needed but we build a bond with them- a bond that upholds trust. Call today to get your air conditioning unit serviced!

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