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Brake Issues and Their Warning Signs

Don’t believe the movies—brake issues don’t often catch you by surprise. Often times, there will be a series of warning signs triggered by your car so you know that it is time for your regular tune-up to make sure that all of the components are running smoothly. Call us today and feel free to consult about our other services such as oil change and diesel mechanic.


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If you don’t know exactly what it is you should be looking out for, allow us to list the common warning signs that your car will exhibit if your brakes are not in optimum health.

#1: Your car’s dashboard will tell you.

Thanks to today’s automobile technology, you will be pretty hard-pressed to ignore the warning signs that your car will tell you once the brakes are not performing the way they should be. This is often indicated on the dashboard (in a muted yellow icon or a screaming red icon) that should alert you that your car’s brakes need to be serviced right away.

#2: You hear noises.

And we don’t just mean the noise from your car’s radio. Do your car a favor and really listen to it when you drive. Is it humming away contentedly and happily? Or does it give off a groaning, squawking, squealing sounds when you try to maneuver it? These high-pitched sounds may not alarm you, but trust us, your brakes are begging for a fix. The sounds are likely caused by worn out break pads. Now these things are often made out of steel, so the noises that you hear are steel making contact with steel.

Rotor damage is next on the list if you do not take action right away.

#3: You notice there’s a leak.

If you check and see that there is a puddle under your car (and have ruled out leaks from other parts of your car’s components), then that might be brake fluid coming out of your car. You best course of action is to have a technician take a look at the damage right away. It could be your reservoir that needs to be fixed, or the cylinders.

Whatever the reason is, the hydraulic pressure that you put on your car may be too much for your brakes, that is why it is leaking fluid. Try checking also our other services like starter replacement  and water pump replacement.

#4: Your brakes feel soft.

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Brake Repair (2)

There should be a reasonable level of resistance when you step on your brakes. However, if you notice that your brake pedals feel soft, or even spongy, when you step on it, then there might be an underlying problem to it. Take this as a sign that your car needs to be serviced immediately. This is because air or possibly moisture has made its way into your brake system. It will need to be fixed right away.

#5: You smell smoke when you drive.

This is a sign that is very difficult to ignore. When you step on your brake as you go down really steep roads, then this is definitely a cause for alarm. Just make sure not to panic as you slowly bring your car to the side to allow your brakes to cool off.

At this point, it is definitely unsafe to keep on driving. Call Mobile Mechanic Hialeah right away and we will come and help you out.

More info About the Company

So who are we, what’s our story, and how did we become experts on brakes? We are Mobile Mechanic Hialeah and we have been in the industry for almost two decades now.

We set the standard when it comes to brake repairs. And even as our company continues to grow, we still maintain a level of professionalism and friendliness that we are known for here in Hialeah.

  •       We are always on time.

We know just how stressful brake problems can be, especially when you first notice the signs on the road. This is why we have come to streamline our response process. We make sure to respond to distress calls right away.

  •       We are well-trained.

It is astounding just how quickly machines can change in just a matter of years. The technology in the automobile industry is constantly evolving and we make sure that we are up-to-date all the time. We attend seminars, workshops, and trainings regularly so we know how to deal with various types of cars.

  •       We put our customers first.

We are grateful for the support that Hialeah has showed us ever since we opened our doors almost two decades ago. As a pay back and to show our gratitude, we make sure to always give our 110% when we handle our customers. You can trust that we will always handle our clients in a polite and friendly manner.

  •       We have fair rates.

We know just how expensive it can be to own a car. This is why we advocate for regular tune-ups so you can avoid bigger issues. Our rates are reasonably priced, both to our mechanics and our clients.

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