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Trust us, we know just how difficult it is to be driving a thousand ton car around with nothing but pure grit and strength to sustain you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. After all, your car was designed to be smoothly and easily maneuvered around. So don’t delay any longer and bring your car in for repair at our shop in Mobile Mechanic Hialeah.

From a faulty power steering system, to intermittently functioning brakes, all the way to a damaged car air conditioning system—we will fix all those and more for you.

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Why do you need to have your regularly maintained?

If, for some reason or another, the discomfort of driving with a faulty car does not bother you, then allow us to explain why you should consider getting your car regularly tuned up by the experts.

  •       You need to get control back to your steering.

With the difficult terrain in some parts of Hialeah (or the slow moving traffic in others), steering control is absolutely necessary. Without one, you are basically inviting an accident to happen. So no matter how muscular and strong you may be, do your car a favor and have the power steering system fixed right away.

  •       You want to keep your car’s components in optimum health.

When it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. This applies to car health too. It is always better to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as they should be, as opposed to just bringing your car in for repair once difficulties set in.

  •       This will save you money in the long run.

Sure, a tune-up may sound like a routine expense that you may not be willing to shell out on, but just think of how much more you would be spending if there were actual damage  to your car. Everything will be doubled, maybe even tripled, in price. So do you and your wallet a favor and book your appointment with Mobile Mechanic Hialeah today.

Get your car serviced by the experts. Prevention is always better than cure.

Call us so we can come to you right away and onsider checking also our affordable and high quality services like car AC repair, starter replacement , and water pump replacement.  

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What are some of the regular preventive maintenance you should do to your car?

The very least that you can do to your trusty car in return for all the favors that it has done to you is to make sure that it is running on optimum condition. If you don’t know how to go about this or where to start, then allow us to list some of the services that we offer here at Mobile Mechanic Hialeah.

  •       Oil checks

Here we will make sure that your car’s motor oils are still at a level that is satisfactory to your engine. The regular timeline for oil checks should be once every 3,000 miles that your car travels. Alternatively, you may also think about getting this at least once a quarter.

If you want a thorough check on your car’s motor oil level, then it is always a good idea to ask help from your mechanic. He or she will make sure that your reservoir has no leaks also.

  •       Fluid checks

We have classified this differently as oil. Some of the routinary checks that we do when it comes to fluid include checking the power steering fluid, the wiper fluid, and the transmission fluid.

Low levels of these fluids can cause damages to your car in the long run.

  •       Battery inspection

You might not see the inside of your battery, and that is just fine. Here at Mobile Mechanic Hialeah, we can easily take a look at your batter for you. To increase its longevity, we will make sure that there are no buildups at the top that may cause corrosion to the battery also.

 In terms of checking for the battery level, we can easily test it out with the technology that we have.

  •       Filters check-up

An air filter can get dirty real quick. If you don’t regularly maintain it, it will cause the air in your cabin to become stale. No amount of air conditioning and spray will ease out the stuffy smell of a clogged up air filter.

Now we know that this will not necessarily cause your car so much damage, but we do value your comfort. And boy, a clogged filter will be anything but comfortable when you drive around with one.

  •       Tire checks

Your car tires are prone to wear and tear. But how do you know when you are bound for a replacement or not? Bring your car to the experts and we will assess the situation for you.

Want to know more? Of course, these are just some of the services we offer. We have a slew of other services that we will be glad to discuss with you. Simply give us a call so we can discuss our packages and other services with you.

Make sure that your car is functioning to the best of its capacity.

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Having car power steering issues and not sure who to turn to? Think your brakes are due for a check-up? Want to make sure that your motor oil is in the right level for optimum use? Don’t fret because Mobile Mechanic Hialeah is here to help. We have been in the business for almost a decade now and we have continuously kept our customers satisfied, and their cars happy.

We bring convenience to the table too. We can work around your busy schedule and can even come to you to fix your car if you wish. However, we do have an auto service repair shop should you wish to leave your car with us for a while also.

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